Hi, this is J.J. Zhu. I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, at the Empirical Inference Department.

I received doctoral training in numerical analysis & optimization during my PhD study with Prof. William Hager at the University of Florida. Currently, I am undergoing postdoctoral training in machine learning (mentored by Prof. Bernhard Schölkopf) as well as in optimization and control (jointly mentored by Prof. Moritz Diehl).

Lately, I have been working on developing the framework of using kernel methods as tools for optimization and control (example here; not to be confused with optimization for kernel methods).

Research interests

  • Robust optimization & control and systems
  • Robustness of machine learning algorithms
  • Numerical optimization & analysis

learning and control

If you are a student looking for research opportunities…

Please write a short email without too much copy-paste about the courses and projects you have done in ML/optimization/control. Please also include your CV or resume :)